Can A PowerPoint Power A Revolution? (Of Course Not.)

At Storyline we believe analytics and structured data are tools, but they are not the engine. Real change — the kind that drives innovation — depends on the power of storytelling. 

Storytelling has been used to move audiences for centuries, but somehow it’s been largely ignored in market research. We think that’s a mistake. Like nothing else, stories have the power to give us a rich picture of the 'why' behind customer attitudes and behaviors. 

Leadership faces an engagement challenge at the implementation level. Traditional corporate communications have become white noise and fatigued internal audiences simply tune them out. With stories, we've found a better way.


Experiencing a customer’s world from their perspective changes yours.

"I never did see such broad emotional engagement... people have been emotionally touched. People were enthusiastic about it and that leaves an emotional impression.” - Vice President of Marketing


Nothing captivates like a true story told well.

Following a walkthrough of a customer story, a said, “people feel very connected to this market study. I think the storytelling played a critical role in the project because the presenters really engaged people.” - Director of Global Integrated Communications


Want content with integrity? Start with the voice of the customer.

"It's this bold representation of the truth and you can’t help but learn something through the experience, no matter who you are.” - Senior Director of Insights & Innovation


Present insight in a compelling way and people not only remember, they act on what they’ve learned.

"You know what it says to me? We don't believe in PowerPoints anymore." - said a Director of Global Integrated Communications

We’ll help you unlock innovation through the power of storytelling. Get in touch.