Uncovering the Right Questions


Podcast Link >>> Uncovering the Right Questions

Check out Thinking Outside The Sandbox and this podcast featuring our founder discussing how design thinking and the power of the voice of the customer can drive change and foster innovation not only for enterprise but small business as well.

(1:08): Our founder’s story

(4:37): An introduction to STORYLINE

(8:09): Design thinking for customer insight

(10:42): The need for employee insight to drive engagement with customer insight

(14:15): Why STORYLINE's approach to design thinking is so high touch

(21:09): Getting buy-in to insight from the broader organization

(23:32): Design thinking and systems thinking within STORYLINE's process

(25:28): Scaling the insights process from enterprise to small business

(28:10): How professionals across industry verticals can start thinking differently

(32:23): The importance of feedback loops

Link >>> Uncovering the Right Questions

From the host: "Over the past several decades, design thinking has moved beyond the province of engineers and product development teams and been adopted in a variety of industries, from insurance to finance to education. In this conversation, Pete Kotsonis of STORYLINE, a customer research agency specializing in design thinking, explores how human centered design can help educational institutions look in the mirror, ask better questions, and develop solutions that respond to the needs and aspirations of the people they serve."