Customer Experience

Uncovering the Right Questions

Check out this podcast discussing how design thinking and the power of the voice of the customer can drive change and foster innovation not only for enterprise but small business as well. Listen during your commute!

Every Negative Moment In An Experience Is An Opportunity

One thing we evangelize with our clients is every negative moment in an experience is an opportunity. This is key for our audiences because simply evaluating an experience is not enough; developers need specific direction and with our approach we are effectively constructing a 'to-do list' of moments that are primed for ideation. Read on to learn how negative moments in an experience can actually become springboards to opportunities to make your product or service experience more relevant and impactful with customers; and therefore more differentiated in the marketplace.

Take Your Customer Conversations To The Next Level

These days we are finding companies treading water in the wake of their own customer analytics. They have expanded their data sets, yet they are still searching for answers; still searching for the "why" behind survey results. The majority of customer insight interactions are short-lived and simply aren't structured to get beyond the "what" of the customer experience.

Conversations with customers may be perceived as less efficient, but they do unlock three attributes to customer insight that analytics and other means fail to deliver on: depth, emotion and authenticity; all keys to revealing the elusive "why". Read on to learn more about how we enable richer conversations!

Obsessed With Your Customers? Don't Forget Your Employees

Customers today are more empowered than ever. In response, companies are becoming more and more customer-focused. With so much attention going to the customer, we worry companies are missing the bigger picture. Unless you set your employees up for success, it doesn’t matter what you want to build for the customer; your employees won’t get you where you want to go. Read on to learn how companies can overcome this challenge!