Customer Journey

Tailor Your Insights Delivery To Your Audience Part 1: Storybooks

Why give your audience a white paper report if they'd much rather look through a magazine? Don't get tied down by a legacy mindset. The existing mediums you use to message customer insight may have been developed to serve your needs more than those of your audience. Read on to see how we learned from our audience and developed a new format tailored to their needs!

Every Negative Moment In An Experience Is An Opportunity

One thing we evangelize with our clients is every negative moment in an experience is an opportunity. This is key for our audiences because simply evaluating an experience is not enough; developers need specific direction and with our approach we are effectively constructing a 'to-do list' of moments that are primed for ideation. Read on to learn how negative moments in an experience can actually become springboards to opportunities to make your product or service experience more relevant and impactful with customers; and therefore more differentiated in the marketplace.