Uncovering the Right Questions

Check out this podcast discussing how design thinking and the power of the voice of the customer can drive change and foster innovation not only for enterprise but small business as well. Listen during your commute!

New Thinking Starts With An Old Tradition

At STORYLINE, we are using customer stories to deliver new ways of thinking and unlock new ways of working. The power of storytelling has been known for centuries and yet research into customers has largely gone away from it in favor of analytics and structured data. There are the reasons to believe in customer stories as they pertain to customer insight. Read on to learn more!

Tailor Your Insights Delivery To Your Audience Part 1: Storybooks

Why give your audience a white paper report if they'd much rather look through a magazine? Don't get tied down by a legacy mindset. The existing mediums you use to message customer insight may have been developed to serve your needs more than those of your audience. Read on to see how we learned from our audience and developed a new format tailored to their needs!