Seeing The Value Of Technology Through A Customer Lens


Without that emotional content, I would have completely lost the fact that the value of our product is about reducing stress.
— Senior Director, Customer Service And Business Development

A case study

A B2B healthcare client partnered with us in hopes that we could help them identify the perceived value of their clinical applications platform and portfolio of IT services from the customer perspective. Project leaders aimed to reveal insights that could be leveraged to further differentiate their technology-focused offering from a cluster of competition.

We conducted a series of contextual engagements with stakeholders from IT and various clinical departments at hospitals and clinics, leveraging our framework for revealing emotional and essential content during in-depth interviewing.

The results of the study revealed why customers were buying into the technology, itself, and what they desired most from developers was actually a better customer experience. "Sometimes I think corporations get so wrapped up in the business end of things," said one Director of IT, "they forget the reason why they're there in the first place." The sentiment was universal and extended to needs in education and support as well, furthering the notion that it wasn't enough to be technology-focused. 

"Without that emotional content," says our client, "I would have completely lost the fact that the value of our product is about reducing stress. I would have had efficiency and those kind of things, right? Like, this tool will drive your efficiency. But really the difference is made in everything around the tool and the feeling it creates that makes people value it so much. That would have never come across if we hadn't gone so deeply in the interviews."