Ethnography & Mobile Media Consumption

Significant study... So much to think about... Excellent research... Huge amount of content excellently and efficiently presented... Very detailed, compelling content... Glad we’ve contracted with this firm!
— Our Client

A case study

Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets have been changing the foundational landscape of digital experiences. Where news and media consumption are concerned, consumers have been able to get their content wherever they are. As a result, content from traditional mediums like newspapers, magazines and even television have seemed more irrelevant and out of date than ever before. 

In an effort to better understand how this trend has transformed consumer needs and desires for news and media, our client partnered with us on a qualitative, insights-driven initiative to reframe their perspective from the consumer's point-of-view.

We conducted ethnographic interviews in homes, workplaces, coffee shops, public lounges, libraries and more while sitting, standing, walking and riding. All the while, we were capturing audio, video and photography and laddering to emotional motivations driving behavior and attitudes.

Discussions were tailored to each consumer's personal experience with news, media and mobile technology, and a variety of tools were utilized to spark engaging and emotionally-rich conversation.

Over 3,000 verbatim quotes from consumers were rigorously assembled using our affinity clustering methodology and plotted on to an actionable framework. A walkthrough of the consumer story with our client and an extensive team of internal stakeholders prompted compelling, forward-thinking discussion and a series of immediate actions. 

Insights were later validated on a quantitative level with audiences and results fueled relevant solutions development to serve the needs of not only Millennials but Gen X'ers as well.