WORKSHOP: The Customer Journey

Rarely do companies have the opportunity to look in the mirror and ask themselves who they want to be for their customers. By mapping your customer journey, not only do we unlock that opportunity, but we do so for every moment that matters most to your customer. 

Your customer's journey is made up of moments; and there's more there than you may realize. The goal of this workshop is to illuminate those moments and make them actionable by the business, empowering the question "who do you want to be for your customers in these moments?"


we bring in your customers

What makes our customer journey workshops so unique? We actually bring in your customers! There's no better way to foster understanding, empathy and alignment than putting the customer at the heart of the day.

we help you take action Through Co-Creation

It's not enough to just map the customer journey. Once you have line of sight to the moments that matter most to your customers, it's important to take action. Every negative moment in the customer journey presents an opportunity to differentiate, and every positive moment is an opportunity to enhance loyalty. With this mindset we can convert your customer journey into a 'to-do list' of moments that are primed for co-creation of solutions with your customers.

we help you construct a customer journey map that sticks

Looking for a customer journey map? We've studied journey map design in depth, and unfortunately more often than not they are a flurry of information, which does not serve the audience. Customer journey maps need to have purpose and they need to be actionable. We ensure yours makes an impact with your audience.