WORKSHOP: Design Thinking

Design thinking is a term that is often defined from a bird’s eye view. It’s been coined a “framework for innovation,” and a “human-centered” approach to solving problems. But at street-level, design thinking is about understanding the people at the heart of the matter and creative problem solving.

The reality of a design thinking workshop, in our opinion, is that end-to-end it's simply too much for newcomers to soak up over the course of even a two-day session and expect them to take everything into practice. Instead, we have tailored our workshops to empower teams to experience and retain what we believe are the most critical stages of the process.


Design thinking is an input/output mechanism; the quality of what goes in the front end is reflected in the creative outputs. Simply put, if you don't properly define the problem for which your creative team will be solving, their solutions will be irrelevant. The first stages are critical.

This goal of this workshop is to empower your stakeholders to learn the front end of the design thinking process, from insights to ideation, and to do so in the context of existing challenges your organization is facing.

we bring in the people that matter most

What makes our design thinking workshops so unique? We bring in the people at the heart of the challenge your organization is facing, whether your customers, partners or employees. There's no better way to frame the problem than putting the people that matter most at the heart of the day.

we help you take action Through Co-Creation

Design thinking is action-oriented; you don't define a problem without aiming to solve for it. Via our creative framework for ideation, and working alongside your stakeholders at the heart of the matter, your teams become empowered to co-create highly-relevant, sought-after solutions your decision makers are seeking.

we help you validate the ideas generated

Not only will we have a jury of your stakeholders present to help us instantly validate the ideas generated, we also employ a framework for gauging their potential impact with the intent of informing your development roadmaps.