PODCASTING: Voices From The Field

Does your organization have burning questions that would benefit from your customers' perspective? Are you looking to deliver answers from the field in a bite-sized format that is richer than an email or PowerPoint? 

With "Voices From The Field," we are podcasting at the enterprise-level to bring customer stories to life and get teams the content they need, efficiently and compellingly. Our clients tell us that these sessions capture their decision makers and executives that are typically the most difficult to reach because it frees them up to consume the content during time slots where their eyes can be doing something else (e.g., driving, running). This format meets the need of your stakeholders.


Podcasts are typically structured for 30-60min sessions and encompass highlights from interviews conducted by Storyline. Narrated by a host and a subject matter expert, and produced with audio clips from actual customers, these podcasts give your insights a voice.

Why attempt to shoehorn your customer story into a format your decision makers don’t have time to consume? Consider the needs of your audience as we have, and take advantage of "Voices From The Field."